Command line recycle IIS Application Pool

## Use appcmd ### List application pool (find the apppool name) ``` C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list apppool ==== the result ==== APPPOOL "DefaultAppPool" (MgdVersion:v4.0,MgdMode:Integrated,state:Started) APPPOOL "Classic .NET AppPool" (MgdVersion:v2.0,MgdMode:Classic,state:Started) APPPOOL ".NET v2.0 Classic" (MgdVersion:v2.0,MgdMode:Classic,state:Started) APPPOOL ".NET v2.0" (MgdVersion:v2.0,MgdMode:Integrated,state:Started) APPPOOL ".NET v4.5 Classic" (MgdVersion:v4.0,MgdMode:Classic,state:Started) APPPOOL ".NET v4.5" (MgdVersion:v4.0,MgdMode:Integrated,state:Started) ``` ### Recycle the application pool ``` C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe recycle apppool ".NET v2.0 Classic" ==== the result ==== ".NET v2.0 Classic" successfully recycled ```



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"What's a tool that changed your life?" - us to freelancers on Twitter yesterday.

Why we think this is an important question: freelancing often means unchartered territory. When you work for yourself, it's up to you to find clients, lead projects, manage payments, find insurance, get dressed every day, etc. But freelancing as a career option is on the rise — reports predict that a majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelance by 2027.

Want that life? Here are some of the apps that freelancers are currently using:

Freshbooks for getting paid

Slack for communication

Notion for an all-in-one workspace

Webflow for web design

Qlearly as a tabs manager

Nuzzel for news monitoring

Unsplash for images

Things for managing tasks

Pastel for feedback and questions

1Password for security

AND CO for invoicing, expenses and proposals

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